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  • Sunny the Sun

    Sunny the Sun

    His rays bring light and life to motherearth
    • Atmosphere
  • Urzile Motherearth

    Urzile Motherearth

    She's our beautiful planet
    • Earth
  • Walter Water

    Walter Water

    He covers over 70% of Motherearth
    • Earth
  • Ariel the Air

    Ariel the Air

    He is our main life force besides the sun. Without Air there is no life on our planet.
    • Atmosphere
  • Lex lightening

    Lex lightening

    He can be quite fierce. His heat can create fires and is very destructive.
    • Atmosphere
  • Francio the fire

    Francio the fire

    He is a part of our elemental on earth. He cooks our food, heats our home, but cannot also be deadly if not controlled.
    • Earth
  • Starla the star

    Starla the star

    She and her children light our night skies.
    • Atmosphere
  • Gusto the gaser

    Gusto the gaser

    Fossil fuel emission are destroying our ozone layer, which is the precipitation the global warming issue we now face.
    • Pollutants
  • Dreyfus the dryer

    Dreyfus the dryer

    He can save time and energy by providing clean heat to dry our clothes.
    • Greenenergy
  • Greed the grim

    Greed the grim

    Greed the grim and his army of toxic chemicals are deadly to our health and our environment.
    • Pollutants
  • Wallus the windmill

    Wallus the windmill

    He's clean, green energy used to produce electrify our homes and industry.
    • Greenenergy
  • Wanda washing machine

    Wanda washing machine

    She washes our clothes and keep us clean. She can also save us energy when doing so.
    • Greenenergy
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